Sir Rev. David B Manuel Jr
& his wife/widow;
Lady Dr. Shelli E.Manuel 

 David B Manuel Jr was the youngest Double Day editor and a Yale graduate. He wrote 58 books and 12 best-sellers. He ghost wrote books for many famous authors: Katherine Marshall, David Duplesse, Corie Ten Boom, Merlin Carothers, Judson Cornwall, etc.. He taught writing/publishing at Gordon Conwell College Okenaga Institute. He was ordain by H.I.M in Oklahoma in 2009. He was knighted on the English ship the Queen Mary for his literary notoriety and contribution to humanity. David and Jammie Buckingham, & Dan Malachuk founded Logos Publishing.

Dr. Rev. Shelli Manuel (pen names: Sheldon Maxwell or Shelli Baker) is a Ph.D and artist/ film maker, who graduated first in Film Animation at R.I.S.D and as a musican/vocalist at Brown University, going on to accomplished credits at Oxford, Ulpan Akiva, Shalom Theological Seminary, Rhema College, Master Artist of ORU. She is also a best selling author published at Harrison House, New Leaf Press, Broadman & Holman and McDougal Press. - A member at the National Press Club.